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Freshen up your ride with ZeoBreeze, the Philippines' first ever car deodorizer and freshener in one!

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Why Does My Car Smell?

Musty odors in car interiors have plagued car owners for quite some time now. In addition to humans’ natural body odors, car interiors are also subject to the Philippines’ erratic weather patterns that increase humidity, which then causes the cabin to smell something similar of “kulob”, similar to that of clothes. It then becomes a suitable breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria or fungi which then now cause the odors we can smell.


Why ZeoBreeze, then?

The usual solution people resort to, is to buy an air freshener, whether in gel or liquid form. However, these products are mainly used to simply mask and ideally overpower the musty odors. Unfortunately, the nature of these air fresheners can eventually cause them to mix with the odors, making the problem worse.

With ZeoBreeze however, through the power of its active ingredient Zeolite, it first absorbs the odor-causing compounds from the car’s interior, before releasing a fragrance to freshen it up.

In addition, ZeoBreeze is also safer to use for car interior materials, as well as being easier to set up due to its compact and inconspicious design.


A Natural Guarantee

Another thing that sets ZeoBreeze apart from the usual air freshener, is that it is made from naturally-occurring ingredients. Hazardous or synthetic chemicals have no place here.

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Get To Know More About ZeoBreeze!

What makes this different from the normal car air freshener?

ZeoBreeze absorbs unpleasant odors through its active ingredient Zeolite, before releasing a fragrance that is sure to keep your ride smelling fresh. In addition, Zeolite can also absorb moisture from the air, which means it can also prevent, or even slow down bacterial and fungal growth.

But wait, what is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral composed of aluminum and silicon. They are known to be microporous, as their surface contains many small openings, allowing molecules or ions to fit inside, effectively trapping them.

Is it safe?

Zeolite is generally considered as safe by the US Federal Drug Administration, and is widely used in the industry as water purifiers, water softeners in detergents, cosmetics or even supplements. ZeoBreeze is also packed in a porous pouch that allows for air exchange, but not enough for fine powder to pass through. In addition, as with all non-food items, this product is still not designed for consumption.


How about the fragrance?

The fragrance ZeoBreeze uses are all natural, plant-extracted fragrances, as opposed to the commercially-sold air fresheners that use synthetic fragrances, to which some people are also sensitive to. These were also carefully chosen to produce a subtle and fresh scent, ensuring a pleasant and distraction-free drive.

How long will the product take effect?

ZeoBreeze just needs two minutes to start its work when first placed inside a car. There will be a slight mixing of odors at this point as the Zeolite starts absorbing and the fragrance diffuses into the interior. As time goes by, either the cabin will be completely odorless, or the fragrance should be able to take over.

How long will it last?

ZeoBreeze should last 4 weeks, when used as directed. At least two packs should be used for larger-sized cars, while ensuring they are spaced out. When the product is depleted, you will feel large, soft clumps inside the pouch.


Will I be able to drive the car with the product?

Yes. The air-conditioning and air circulation will even amplify the performance of ZeoBreeze in absorbing unpleasant odors, and refreshing your ride. In addition, the scent produced by ZeoBreeze will also keep you calm, confident and motivated.

What if the product gets wet?

As much as possible, avoid contact with water or any other liquid. If wet, simply clean with a paper towel, and allow the product to completely dry out. However, if the product is drenched, a replacement is needed as moisture greatly impacts its lifespan.

Wait, where is the best place to put it?

The best place to put ZeoBreeze inside your car is around the headrest posts, to ensure the product is exposed to the car's interior, and is not very distracting to look at, especially when driving.

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